Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2nd Birthday!

Addy's birthday present from mommy and daddy

Elmo book!

Puzzle from Toby

Addy helped to decorate her cake-she did great!

Sup Cuz?!

Party time!

She almost blew out the candles, but I didn't want to risk the spit on the cake :)

So proud!

Yum :)

Trying on her presents while opening them

Opening presents-literally took 3 separate times on 2 different days

Yep, that is supposed to be a shirt, not a skirt

Trying on new shoes...after the pants came off :)


Birthday ice cream a week before her birthday

This is a romper, not shorts...

And here's Addy, after she got dressed for the day, and then put on her pajamas over her clothes...backwards

Opening gifts that came in the mail.  I asked her who it was from, she told me "Santa!"

Toby wants to help

Once again, shirt on the legs

She loves reading her birthday cards!

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