Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby's 1st Roadtrip Part III

Saturday we woke up bright and early for Addy's first full 5K. Daddy ran his first race (41 min, 38 sec), while mommy and Addy walked (49 min, 51 sec). Sarah and Juan also ran. Then we took a nap in the afternoon, before mommy and daddy went to see Aunt Sarah's chalk walk picture and then went to the FW Tincaps game. Addy got to see Aunt Sarah's chalk walk with grandma, later in the afternoon.

Sunday we got up early again for church, and then went to Great-great-grandma's 100th Birthday party. Great-great-grandma was very excited to meet the youngest of her large family. After the party, we came back to grandma's to clean up and start to pack up the house.

Monday, Addy slept a full 8 hours! We packed up and said goodbye and headed to the Gentry house. We had brunch and then we left for home. Addy did great, sleeping the first 3 hours before we all stopped for food. About an hour after that, daddy thought Addy might need a diaper change, since she still wasn't falling asleep. Oh the poop surprise that awaited us! After cleaning that mess up, we got home to a large thunderstorm. We didn't quite get everything unpacked, but we made it home after a long, fun vacation!

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