Monday, July 26, 2010

HOT weekend...

Saturday, Addy got to go to her first charity event that wasn't a race. It was EXTREMELY hot, with heat indexes in the 110s. We were outside for a little bit, then went inside to a room w/window air conditioners, so it was probably only mid-80s. We didn't stay too long into the afternoon, it was way to hot for mommy and daddy. Addy didn't seem to mind it for the most part.

After that, we did a mini tour of St. Louis for a video project daddy was doing. We saw Ted Drewes and had their custard, saw the brewery, arch, and Busch Stadium. Lastly, we went on a walk through Forest Park. It was so hot, we pretty much just collapsed when we got home!

Sunday we went to church (where Addy tried to make friends with the baby girls in the row behind us) and Panera, our usual. We also started our big weight loss challenge! Josh and I are going to kick butt (and bellies), but I still plan to beat him :)

Today has been pretty uneventful. Addy and I went for a rough walk this morning. I thought I'd try a new street in the next neighborhood, and wow-I didn't know there could be such big hills. Then, I finally got a hold of someone at our cable company who seems to be not completely worthless, so hopefully our bill will finally get straightened out. I think I've found someone to do Addy's professional baby pics, so I'm excited to get those scheduled.

Addy's doing well-she still loves to smile big at Toby (laughing was only a few days thing, I guess). She hasn't rolled over again since we were in Fort Wayne. She's now attempting to sit straight up when she's in a reclined seat, so that's pretty funny to watch. She's finally falling asleep on her back, without being wrapped up, so that's pretty cool too. She's paying more attention to toys, but still not really grabbing for them.

We are working on planning our September visit-we'll let you know more when we have details. Anyone is welcome to visit us in August though--if you come during the week while the Cardinals are in town, we can get tickets for FREE!

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