Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Half Birthday Jack!

Eating some chocolate

Mixing up his own meal!

Feeding daddy cake pops

Blizzard to start off spring break

Rudolph waffle...Jack isn't so sure
Daddy's new backpack fits Jack perfectly

Addy made her own decorations all by herself

Happy Donuts with Dad day!

Jack almost mowed the lawn with grandpa...

But he got scared

So Queen Elsa took over

First fill with gas

Then start it up!

Who knew Queens did chores too!?

Getting ready for her big birthday party with Oreo Frogs

Happy half birthday Jack! He picked out his own ice cream snack

Oreo ice cream

And he beat Addy eating it...

Half Birthday presents!

Addy thought she'd look good in his new clothes

new shoes!

First pair of flip flops

Happy 18 months!

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