Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy Easter!

Cottage cheese Santa Beard

Easter Egg Hunt

Oops, the eggs fell out

Ooh-I found some eggs!!! (from sissy bucket...)

Got 'em!

Josh's Easter Bacon-wrapped Pork

I got this dessert under control

A little frosting...

Who turned out the lights?

Addy's Easter egg goodies!

More hats
Easter Bunny Goodies!

Easter bunny-just what she wanted!

Egg Hunt

Daddy is helping

Jack wasn't interested in the hunt-he had the Reese eggs he wanted

Breakfast chocolate

Easter bunny waffle

Happy Easter!

Toby blinked!

The boys needed to be far apart from Addy for some reason

Kite flying

Enjoying the day w/a selfie

My baby takes up 2/3 of his crib!!!!!!

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