Saturday, July 16, 2011


There was finally a break in the heat, so we decided last minute to head to the zoo while we could! It was only about 80 most of the morning, so a lot of the animals were out, and it was kind of busy for being a Thursday :) We got to see alot, like a rhino, the hippos (and their fish) and elephants.

While we were looking at the elephants, Addy looked at me, then grabbed my nose, and then grabbed my ears, like she knew what looked funny on the elephants. It was cool!

Then we went to the children's zoo part, and petted gerbils and goats.

Then we went and had lunch. We split a kids meal of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, goldfish and applesauce. We ate out on the deck overlooking the water and the flamingos. We started the goldfish, then put them down to eat the sandwich. We also called daddy to let him know how much fun we were having. While we were on the phone, we heard the people around us start laughing. I turned around to our plate, and saw a little bird hopping away with one of our goldfish!! The lady behind us said the bird saw me on my phone, then watched me as it got closer and closer, until finally it went in to get the treat. He stayed close during the rest of our lunch too-we had to be vigilant!

Then we went to see the monkeys and ride the train back to our car. On the way home, we stopped at McDonalds for a free smoothie and a McFlurry. I tried to give Addy some of my M&M McFlurry, since she loves ice cream, but her first reaction was one of confusion. She had no idea what I was trying to feed her that was blue and green swirled. She ended up eating some of it though :)

Yesterday we went to the park before the weather got too hot. Then today, Addy and daddy went to the library to see some fun animals, like a mongoose and a wallaby! Other than that, we played like usual. Addy loves doing "grown-up" things now: vacuuming, cooking, closing doors, pushing stroller/shopping cart, walking the dog and taking off his leash, making coffee, eating mommy and daddy's food, making lemonade, feeding Toby...and that's all I can think of right now :)

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