Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rolling Blackout?

Last week was a pretty normal week. We played in the church nursery during a little lambs meeting, we did some shopping, we attempted to play outside in the heat, we ate very messily, the normal :)

On Saturday, Josh and Addy went to the farmer's market and to visit daddy's work while I studied. Then we had pool time, dinner, and we walked 1.5 miles to the closest ice cream stand and had a little evening snack. It was a HOT walk, but we all made it, even Toby. Then later after Addy went to bed, Josh was getting his shower in when the power went out for an hour! At least we had a laptop and mifi, so we watched some hulu tv shows :) Good thing it came back on, or the evening would have been very uncomfortable.

Sunday we went to church. Addy and daddy spent most of it in the back. Not only was Addy a little tired/cranky, the air conditioning was broke. I think it was in the mid-80s in the sanctuary...not comfortable! Then we tried this Chinese buffet for dinner near our house...not so good. But then we had fun at Bass Pro:

It's been extremely hot, and I'm ready for winter...How many more months of this???!!! Other than that, Addy's been talking a lot more, still not much in the way of words... :) She's learning to bake, although she's not a fan of the mixer. She does like to help stir and to help put ingredients in the bowl. And of course I taught her the most important thing of cooking-tasting as you go :D We've been working on shaking with Toby, being gentle around him, and giving him treats. She has also worn out/outgrown her shoes, so we got her some new ones, her first pair of tennis shoes:

And on the funny side, one night, I asked Addy what she wanted for a snack. This is what she pulled out of the pantry:

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