Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy November!

Addy's first dentist appointment.  Went about as well as expected...

Stylin' in her Easter dress, sweater completely buttoned, snow boots and camo ATV.

Toby found a new toy...

promptly killed the poor guy

and then stares him down.

Addy's goin' fishin'

Our 15' limb that fell-during the sunny, extremely windy day
"I look like Frosty!" (with his corncob pipe-yes that is string cheese)

Helping to frost the cake

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Delicious homemade carrot cake :)
Old back door

Old, broken front door

Old bathroom windows

Beautiful new front door!

New back door

Wonderful new bathroom windows :)
School Pics

Train Puzzle

Making a pet bar graph

Magnetic letters

Smart Board

Playing Vet in the pet shop

Sorting animals

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