Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Help in the yard

Selfie time

Working on his "cheese" face

I hear barking...

Let Toby in Mom!

Snacking on some play toys

Hmm, Toby's food looks good in here!

Oops, it spilled...

Happy 8th Birthday Toby!

How much money can I get out of Daddy's wallet?

Ooh, cash!

Addy started a countdown!

Our wasps nest. Photo courtesy of Addy

Popsicles for a hot day

Good stuff

A little cold, but I'll keep eating it

She's getting the hang of it

Sidewalk chalk!

Watch out, here she comes!

Jack's sidewalk chalk

Daddy is taking a nap in the sun

My wonderful Mother's Day gifts

Time to plant some flowers

My big helpers

Addy's birthday trip to the zoo with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Juan

Her first log ride!

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