Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy Spring!

Future fashion designer

Made it all by herself!

Wrong direction Jackson!

Static hair!

Driving around

Sweet siblings

About to conquer the hill

We did it!

Ken dolls become "action figures"

Yes, he put the hat on himself

Only whole pieces of chicken here

Our sweet Birthday girl at steak n' shake!

Trying out the trailer

Climbing to the attic

Jack wanted a ride!!

Addy always wants a ride..

Yard work time

Snow shovels work too

Great helpers!

Who says this rake is too big?

We found robin eggs! But we don't know what happened to them now :(

Toby the lion!

Addy loves her new robe

Jack found some new shoes

Science Central

Water play-Jack just wanted to drink it...eww

LOVING the snake

Come to the window!!!!

Jack did grab him a few times..

Addy built it all by herself

And then knocked it down :)

In her new rollerblading set

Look at her go!


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