Wednesday, May 18, 2016


The pictures will be all out of order, but they are all from our road trip to Omaha!
Yogurt boy

So excited-after breakfast is the first swim session!

Yogurt on my head? Where?

Ice cream stop along the way

Jack had a sort of banana split!

And then finished Grandma's ice cream

Playing on the hill on campus

Hammocks all around

Relaxing in the MOO Lounge

Walking with grandpa

Pool time with aunt Sarah

Dinkers restaurant
Chillin on the Nebraska/Iowa line!

Addy was upset we were in Iowa and wanted to go back to Omaha


Missouri River

Finally she stood still...

Jack and his upside down sunglasses

Uncle Juan being grouchy with Addy

Now Aunt Sarah joins in

Omaha from Iowa

Time for a ride!

Karate moves

More Omaha

Are you sure you won't stand on the line Addy? For one picture?

Sort of...

Jack sat for about 1 whole second...then he needed to run

Climbing break

Addy was already off the bridge!

Riding a bird, yee haw!

Riding a fish

More of the bird

Jack found water to play in

Getting sucked into a frog's mouth!

Giant Slide!


Spaghetti works, complete with garlic bread mustache

A little cool on the walk back

Who wasn't paying attention to the baby???? Oh yeah, that was me... (half a box of Kleenex emptied)
My roommate for 3 years!

Evil eye

Smiles cause he's back with his momma

Princess Addy

Now Superhero Addy!


My lab partner Nicole

Good friend Becca

More hugs with Addy

Jack missed his mommy

But her phone makes up for it...Baby Selfie!

More pool time!

Double fisting the grilled cheese
First time in the pool in a long time

Jack just wanted me to let go so he could be like his big sis


Sister Date!

Time for the bridge

More sister fun

Hooding Ceremony

Jack and his Cheese! face

Someone is too into the phone to be bothered with a picture

"You are the best graduwater in the whole world!"

My good friend Jen

Addy picture

Baby time!

Someone stole my hat...

More cheese!


Names do not match up with pictures

Take the hat back, I need to take some pictures

Momma and daddy

Addy is always looking for a picture

Little girl photo-bomb

Orange dresses

Back to superhero

The girls were cold and stole my garments...

Trying to decide on dessert

More pool

Sarah's Wind turbine rest stop (she despises the turbines...and a rest stop decorated with a blade)

Sister date with Billy the blue jay


Bridge walking

Before any of the ceremonies

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