Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Crawling "Steps"

Thursday was a strange day. Addy's schedule was running about an hour early, so it was a little difficult on both of us. We went to a play group at the library, where the librarian read books, sang songs and worked with story boards. Addy actually paid attention off and on, which was cool. Then we did a craft that was supposed to be coloring and stickers, but Addy only did the stickers. Then we got our first Missouri library card - very exciting :) Then we came home, had a nap, and went to the grocery store. She went to bed early, but kept waking up. I think that last tooth wants to come in and is bothering her. Addy today learned her shoes make noise when you bang them together. She also has a new trick where she stands, holding onto something and then falls straight back into me. This is not a good game...but she thinks it's hilarious :/

Good Morning!

Yesterday, we woke up to find Addy had done something new-all by herself. She pulled herself up to sitting in her crib. Later, Addy and I went to the mall to walk. We ended up buying an Easter dress :) She was also waving at a little girl who was riding the train and waving to everyone. Super cute! After we got home, Addy was practicing her crawling, and she took her first "step", moving her hands and a knee. Then she would fall, as usual, but it was her first big "step"-she was so exciting. After that, Addy had her first trip to Chuck E Cheese. She loved the pizza, the games, and hanging out with her friends, but she wasn't sure about Chucky. We also had a nice layer of snow on the ground when we woke up, but not much left by the end of the day.

Daddy-whatcha doin'?

Today was a day to work around the house, and a day to let daddy catch up on his Addy time. First we installed the undercounter radio in the kitchen, then daddy had a wonderful time cleaning out the drains in the master bath. We might have found the problem as to why our bathroom usually smells funny. The one sink was so disgusting, Josh started gagging a lot when he was cleaning out one of the pieces. Sure glad that's done! We got to Skype with Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Jon, and I think we figured out a better way to Skype. She was definitely a lot happier and less squirmy when we put the computer on the floor and just let her play and walk around :)

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