Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Steps!

Today was a very good day. First, we went to baby signing class. We learned some signs that we'll try to use, and see if Addy gets the hang of it. We met some new friends too, so that was cool. After that, we stopped by the bank and Target. We walked around Target looking at stuff for almost an hour. We found an awesome toy, that Charlene told us to get. It was a frog that dances and sings her favorite song-Shake It. Here's a video of her first time playing with the frog:

We got home, had snacks/lunch and then we went to the basement to play. Addy was having a blast playing against the cupboards in the basement, holding onto them and then trying to reach back for me. At one point, she was standing facing me with the cupboards on her left. She was just holding the ledge when she let go, so she was standing all by herself for a second or two. All of a sudden, she took two baby steps, almost a shuffle and fell right into me! Her first steps!! She looked up and gave me a big smile-she was sooo proud of herself! She didn't want to stop practicing walking then, but she wouldn't do it by herself anymore. So I couldn't get it on video, but I did get this:

Now it's time for Purdue to lose! It's been a good day, so we have to win, right?! GO HOOSIERS!!!

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