Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be Mine!

Monday we had a fun valentine's day. We prepared valentine's for daddy, although the crayons never really touched the paper :) Addy did crinkle the paper for the "stuffing" for the bag all by herself! We went to Walgreens and the bank, and we tried to go to the post office, but decided not to wait in a 15 people line. Then we skyped w/Grandma and Grandad Gentry and aunt Alyssa for a little while before daddy got home. Mommy and daddy had a good valentine's day: baby-less dinner and a movie!

Tuesday was a beautiful day, so we went for a walk outside. We also went to the post office again-this time successfully, and Addy got to go through her first car wash! If it wouldn't have been such a long line, I think she would have been fine. She was getting restless, so she had a few Cheerios to pass the time. I talked her through the carwash, so she was fine during it. Wednesday was much the same-beautiful weather, so we walked to the gas station to get milk, and we took Toby for a walk in the afternoon, and we played on Addy's outdoor scooter toy.

Her 2 top teeth are still growing in nicely. We've also been practicing walking and standing. When she's not tired, Addy is giggly and happy :) She's starting to get a little picky about her food, so that could be an issue, we'll see. If she decides she doesn't want anymore of something, she'll shake her head a bunch. It's funny to see her say no already :D

Today we went to the grocery store where we saw many interesting people. First there was a guy in a huge truck who cut us off on the way to the store-turns out he was going to the grocery store too. When he got out, I expected him to be some young, tough guy, but it was an old guy. Meanie head! Then this lady that I think we saw the last time (I remembered her voice) told us from across the aisle that Addy had lost her shoe. I started to look for it, but then remembered I had already put it in her car seat. Then there was a lady who was following us, but trying to get around us, and then she stopped right at the spot I needed. We kept seeing her, running around the aisle and bugging other people, but not caring that she was stopping in front of them. Then there was a lady in the cereal aisle who I think was talking to us, but not really...more like to herself. And then there were a few very old couples who kept coming up and saying how cute HE was and trying to get her to smile, even though she was wearing a shirt with pink strawberries and pink pants with flip flops. We were only there for like 20 min!!! No wonder Addy loves the grocery store ;)

Then we went to the park with a couple of the neighbors. Addy loved it. The wind was blowing her around inside the swing seat, so that was kind of funny. She got to hold on to different things while she was standing and practicing walking which she loved too. We also got to air out the house for the 2nd day-I love opening windows!! Addy actually enjoyed her bath today, I think because it wasn't so cold in the bathroom. She also explored the drain stopper and the spout :) She has been really snotty all day. More just a runny nose every time she sneezed, which was every half hour or so. I'm guessing its either the temperature change or all the cleaning I've been doing, since she doesn't have any other symptoms. She hates having her nose wiped though, just like every other kid!

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