Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

It's official, Addy now has 5 teeth :) Her 3rd top tooth has broken through the gums, still leaving one of the center top teeth to come through. It sure will look strange if it doesn't come through soon!! And apparently, with these recent teeth also comes picky eating! She shakes her head whenever she doesn't want something, and it's soooooo funny (at least for right now)! She doesn't seem to want much finger food, other than cheese :/ She didn't eat much banana, she wouldn't try steamed carrots or a sweet potato fry. Even the baby food sweet potatoes she didn't want to eat a few times. She'll eat bread, cheerios and cheese....Oh well. We'll keep trying :) At least she is eating some of her baby food fruits yet. And she does like juice; I've given her a few sips of apple and grape.

Yesterday, we went to Little lambs, which again had quite a few kids. Addy is learning to share. Well, she's letting other little kids take things out of her hands. She just stares at them afterward. It's kinda funny :) After Little Lambs, Addy had a nap, and then we went to Cartridge World (since taxes printed in green ink probably aren't too official) and then picked up lunch. We went over to my old work and hung out with my friends. We also picked up the bags we ordered from Thirty-One.

Addy's is a drawstring bag with a zipper front pocket. The other bag is an insulated tote, perfect for snacks or keeping drinks cold when we go to the park :)

After we went to my work, we came back for another nap, playtime, food and bed. Fun and busy!

Today, Addy got up early for the second day in a row, but thankfully only by about half an hour. After morning workouts and showers/baths for all the humans (Toby really could use one too!), we went shopping for a few new work shirts for daddy. Then after we came home and had a nap, all 4 of us went to the park. Addy was having fun and Toby was getting jealous. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't like the swings or the slide though! After coming home, we made Jucy Lucys and snickerdoodles-yum yum!

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