Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Visit from the Grandparents

What a busy, fun few days!

Thursday, Addy and I finally got out of the house for the first time since we took a walk to the neighbor's house on Monday morning. It was awesome to get some fresh air. The driveway was still horrible-covered in ice that we couldn't get off, even with shoveling and salt. Anyway, we went to Sam's and the grocery store, and then came home to clean the house. Grandma and Grandpa Badenhop arrived late at night, even after Toby went to bed ;)

Friday morning, we went to Little Lambs, and then went to Josh's work for a tour in the afternoon. We then went out to eat-delicious! On Saturday, the girls went to a 31 purse party, and the boys cleaned off the driveway. Then we watched the basketball game, cooked up steaks for dinner and watched the Dark Knight. On Sunday, we made a big breakfast, went to church and then toured Cabela's. We watched the Ohio State bball game, and then the Super Bowl. Monday, Mommy and Toby had some quality time and went for a run together. Then all the humans who weren't working went out to lunch before grandma and grandpa left.

The weekend was fun. Addy didn't get as much sleep as she needed, I guess since she was so excited. She was teething a bit, but nothing a little Tylenol and some chewing on stuff couldn't fix. She's getting good at standing against things, and can even stand on her own for a good 2-2 1/2 seconds. Her favorite thing this weekend was walking back and forth between grandma and mommy. She is getting much more confident in letting her hand go to move it to someone or something else. The first steps of gliding! She's also trying all sorts of food, like cheese, pancakes, and cookies. She's loved them all!

Today, Addy and I did some laundry before all 3 of us went to the dentist. Today, she finally slept in until her normal time, and took 3 hours worth of naps! A change from the past few days! Addy's been extremely giggly and fun lately too-yea for age 9 months!

You can see Addy's silly tooth here on the far right in her mouth. Hopefully it won't be long until those other teeth come in!

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