Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy 10 Month Birthday!

This is a blog post I've been really excited to write! Addy has changed so much in the past 2 months. Not so much in looks, although she is bigger. She is super smart and cute!! Although that could be the mommy in me :)

Addy is still pulling up to stand, but only on the things she wants to, when she wants to. She can stand for up to 3 seconds by herself, not holding onto anything. She loves to be out and about, and gets upset when she's strapped into her car seat, or laying down to have a diaper/outfit changed. Just have to keep her distracted :) She can get into a crawling position, but hasn't done more than move a hand forward, fall onto her belly or go back to sitting. When she's standing, she is pretty good at spinning in a circle or sitting on her butt when she needs to fall, instead of face first, which is awesome for all involved :)

She can follow simple commands pretty well. She waves hi and bye, gives love, does "so big", shakes "it", and as of the past few days, claps! She also loves to read books of any sort. Destroy is the name of the game right now-she loves to knock over towers, pull everything out of containers and rip up paper. We also love mail time each day, where we can play with envelopes with plastic windows and rip up all the credit card offers.

She is now drinking milk from a cup during snacks. She also eats different things from the table now, especially bread and CHEESE. There is never enough cheese for her! She shakes her head no, indiscriminately, especially during meals. She will sometimes shake her head no, because she doesn't like something, and then she'll shake it once in awhile, right before she takes a big bite. What a silly child :)

And the most exciting thing-on her 10 mo. birthday she said her first word. We were playing, and daddy came into the room. She said "Ai, dada" Sooooo cute!!! Josh and I were in disbelief, but it was awesome:)

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