Friday, February 11, 2011


Finally-Addy's tooth has come through. It's just barely there, but the one top front tooth has come through. However, if the other one doesn't come through, she'll have a nice gap up top :)

Today was a long day. (How many people can say a pencil made them bleed? Oh yeah, that's me). We took a quick trip to the grocery store and had a recall repair man in for the washer. Other than that, it was a boring day. We tried to go outside for a little bit and chase the puppy around, but it was too slippery to play much. We did find something pretty cool though:

It's not attached to the drain spout, and it's sitting on a frozen leaf. Pretty cool looking :)

Addy also really enjoys playing with velcro, it's a new favorite that I try to find for her around the house. She's also working on standing, doing a little better everyday!

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