Saturday, December 11, 2010

Party Time!


Friday, Addy and I went to Sam's Club and the Dollar Store. Since they were both short trips, I carried her into both stores. She really enjoyed it :) At Sam's, she wouldn't smile at anyone, and it was almost funny, because it almost looked like she was doing it on purpose. She would just stare at the person trying to make her smile. Then at the dollar store, she smiled at just about everyone. After a playful afternoon, Addy had her first non-family babysitter. Other than her tooth pain, it sounded like she did pretty well. Barbara, the babysitter, only had about 20 min with her awake, and a few hours while she slept-easiest babysitting gig ever! Josh and I went to his office's Christmas party, and then, since there wasn't enough food, we went to Steak N' Shake for fries and milkshakes. Yummy!

Sleepy baby...

Saturday we spent the morning getting ready for the afternoon. We had a cookie decorating party with Addy's friends. We ate pizza, decorated sugar cookies, watched Christmas movies and played games. Tons of fun!


Today we woke up to beautiful snow. But it was much better to look at than be in, since the wind was blowing so much, and it was COLD! We continued with our plan for the day though, IHOP for breakfast and then off to church. Today's church service was fine, it was the discovery afterward that was so shocking. I guess Addy doesn't want any presents from Santa, because she committed the first crime of her short little life. As Josh was buckling her in to head home from church, we discovered that she had stolen a spoon from IHOP!!!! We spent the rest of the day cuddled up in the house. Toby decided to show daddy that he wanted to go on the next hunting trip. His outdoor crate is sitting on our patio right now, with the door slightly open, just in case he ever wants to go in. We let Toby out to play in the snow, and after a little while, we heard him barking like crazy. Josh went out to check on him, and he was barking at a dove he had trapped inside the crate. We finally got Toby inside the house, and Josh opened the crate door to release the bird. What an exciting day!

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