Saturday, December 4, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

Hanging up her first Christmas ornament!

Saturday, we picked out Addy's first Christmas tree. It is gorgeous. She even helped put the decorations up. Josh and I also worked outside, getting things ready for winter. Of course, it was a freezing cold, windy day, but we survived. Even Josh, who was swinging an axe to chop up our firewood didn't hurt himself :) Addy also tried peas mixed with carrots, and she enjoyed them. Yea-we can get her to eat her green veggies now!

Writing her letter to Santa

Today, we went to church and Panera with no incidents! After coming home for a quick Addy nap, we went to Sit with Santa, thrown by our real estate agent. Addy had her first seat on Santa's lap! She did pretty well-at first she stared at him, then looked for us, then looked at him, then got upset. Super cute :) Then we came home and put up about half of our outdoor Christmas lights. It was brrrrrrrrrrrrr cold! But they look good! Then we decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the 2nd half of the Colts game, since the Rams were on here, instead of our game. Addy did good for a little while, then the Rams started doing well, it got really loud, and she got VERY upset. Anytime the bar area, which was near where we were, erupted, Addy started screaming. So, I guess we can't do that again, at least anytime soon. Then we got home and were able to watch overtime, during which Addy was slaphappy, and it was really fun to watch. What a fun day!

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