Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy 1st Thanksgiving!

What a busy holiday weekend. I think Addy enjoyed her first Thanksgiving!

Tuesday was mommy's birthday, and Addy took me out to breakfast at McDonalds. Delicious :) Then we hung out all day, and picked up dinner at Bandana's BBQ. Just after Addy went to bed, Daddy and Grandad came home from their hunting trip. We had angel food cake and went to bed.

Wednesday, we went to breakfast with Grandad, and everyone just loved seeing Addy. She was the hit of the diner. Then the boys and Addy went to Cabela's, and then we drove all the way to Fort Wayne.

Thursday was Addy's first Thanksgiving. She got her first taste of white potatoes, and she did seem to enjoy them. She got to see all her aunts and grandparents, plus some bonus family members. A very good 1st Thanksgiving for sure!

Friday, Addy wrote her first text message on Ryan's phone: Ppoo. Definitely a Gentry :) Then grandma and aunt Sarah babysat while mommy and daddy went to see Harry Potter, and then out to dinner with the Gentry family.

Saturday was a day spent watching football. We also noticed for the first time that Addy's second bottom tooth is coming in!

Sunday we went to visit Great-Grandma Mina in Kokomo on our way out of town. A long drive, especially since the Colts lost so horribly.

Monday, Addy had her first taste of peaches. She likes them already! We unpacked, did lots of laundry and relaxed after all the driving. It's official - Addy can stay up in a crawling position for a few seconds, though she doesn't know what to do there, and it's pretty funny to watch :)

Tuesday, we went to the grocery store. I also decided to try green beans with Addy again, this time mixed with sweet potatoes. She didn't mind them at all. I tried giving her some green beans by themselves, and she's still a little hesitant, but not disgusted. Mommy is though-they smell horrible.

Today was another relaxing day. We have about half of our Christmas decorations up, and some of the Christmas presents wrapped. I also had a little time to do this:


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