Thursday, December 9, 2010

All I want for Christmas....

"Is my two front teeth!"

Well, we are pretty sure Addy is working on her next two teeth! We've got extra drooling, a little extra fussiness, wanting her pacifier more, and messier than normal poos. I can't feel anything yet in her gums yet, but it has been about a month since her first tooth started coming through. There are only 2 years she can truly sing that song, and this is one of them!!

This morning, Addy was a little cranky. She didn't want to take her first nap, but when she did wake up from it, she didn't even want to go to daddy. She cuddled up against me and hid her face. Once she got her breakfast, she was fine though. She was very talkative again today, even while shopping through Walmart. The extra exciting thing was she rode in her car seat for 2 stores! It was awesome. She took a very short afternoon nap, so she was cranky for most of the evening, but still talkative :) She also has started putting her thumb in her mouth....I don't approve ;) Josh got his new phone today, a fancy new blackberry, but it looks much the same as his old one. Hopefully now we can hear him better though!

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