Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mommy's Girl

Today, Addy and I went shopping for the first time since we've been back from break. Now I remember why I really wanted to finish shopping BEFORE Thanksgiving. Tons more people, tons more kiosks with people trying to attack you, and longer lines when Addy's about to have a meltdown. We did ok today, but hopefully we can finish soon. I don't know where we are going to take our December walks though :( Maybe we'll just stroll the grocery store aisles.

Our adorable little girl is definitely becoming a mommy's girl now. The past few days especially, she'll be sitting on the floor, just playing with her toys, and she'll turn, look at me and put her arms up. Apparently right behind her is not close enough. Then at the store today, while we were in line, she was smiling at some people behind us, which is usual (I was holding her), but when they started talking to us, she put her head on my shoulder, like a shy little girl. So sweet :)

What is not so sweet however, is her new habit. She is back to peeing in the bath water. I've tried running water over her feet in the sink, I've tried just standing her in the water with her diaper still on. She decides to pee either once I've laid her down on her cushion thing, or halfway through her bath. Aahh!

But, one other really cute thing. Whenever we are in her room lately, she always wants to stare at the picture great aunt Nancy made for her. It's really cute. I tell her what the animals are, and she studies the picture, like she's trying to remember what I'm telling her-soo cute!

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