Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Almost school time!

School starts soon, but before that, we've got more summer! First, we need to start with the outdoor seating:

Addy has been busy. She's growing her 2 bottom molars and she has learned to climb the stairs to go down the slide. Thankfully, she's still not great at the stairs at home :) I know it won't be long though...

On Saturday, Josh and Addy had their normal "daddy date". They went to a Kids Block Party and got to check out a fire truck, a Harry Potter exhibit, and a lot of cool booths with lots of fun stuff for her.

Later in the evening, we took Addy to her first Colts game.

She had a blast! First we tailgated:

We got to see the Colts practicing on the field beforehand, and then we watched the beginning of the game from our amazing seats on the 10 yard line, about 15 rows from the field.

We met Rampage, the Rams mascot, who wasn't much a fan of Addy's shirt. Addy actually started crying when he left! Good thing we had just bought some ice cream. (She did a similar thing at the block party. She went and saw a panda mascot, and then threw a fit when daddy and her left.)

She also learned to do the "Touchdown" sign too!

Then on Monday, Addy and I stopped at Subway for lunch. She REALLY enjoyed the ENTIRE chocolate chip cookie.

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