Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Addy!

Zoo Trip for Addy's Birthday
Her favorite part-the train, the only thing she could talk about the whole time

She did love the hippos too

Hanging with an Anaconda-this one is just for daddy :)

LOVED the sea lions

Feeding our lunch to the fish-so much cooler than actually eating it

She decided to steal Mommy's sweatshirt
Birthday Party (mixed with Birthday day)!
"Mommy, I don't remember this!"

Birthday Train Cake

Dessert with the girls

Dancing time

Scooter Time

And teaching Aunt Sarah to ride it-about 20 times

New little buddy Aaron

"I'm like a dinosaur"

She got TRAINS!

and then we couldn't talk to her anymore

Birthday day cupcake

Present from Aunt Peppy and family (with a Nemo sticker)!!

Playing with all her new trains (Thomas pulls 6 cars!)

Zoey and Elmo like to dance

Opening cards

Thanks Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary!!

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