Wednesday, March 25, 2015


More Addy decorations. This time a diaper

So big in his high chair!

Library time

Jack's pants were too slippery for him to sit alone

Yee haw!

Reading time at the library

Relax time!
Addy's sidewalk chalk of Daddy in his wheelchair
"Daddy's naked"

Ready for his walk on such a nice day

Happy Baby
Science Central Day!


Addy let Jack drive the tractor too!

Snow shoes

Astronaut Addy


Spinning fast

Moon walking

Having a good time



Fun w/smoke

More Addy

This is how 2 hr delays are spent
Jack can hold his own bottle!!

Pi Day!

Yum :)

I think he tasted a few molecules of whipped cream

Feet for dessert!

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