Monday, June 8, 2015

Indy Vacation

Service for Kerrie Orozco in Omaha

Freedom Riders

Miles of police cars in the procession
Sign from the awesome Ice cream shop in Omaha

First time bowling!

and a dance as each ball sssllllooooowwwly rolled down the lane

Hunter loved his Nerf gun

B-dubs fun

baby in bed

The hotel provides complimentary children in the beds!!
Indianapolis Zoo - Tigers

Red panda

Beautiful Koalas

Wrestling bears

Exciting lions

Photobombing Rhinos

Carousel-the main thing she wanted to do


Petting sharks

Chillin with the penguins

Snack break!

Children's Museum- Addy is a Ninja Turtle

Another carousel

Dinosaur Addy

The look Sarah got the entire time from Jack

There's a TRAIN on the ceiling!!

Race Car VVRroom!
Swimming time!

Jack's first swimming experience!

Addy in her new floaties

Home...and look who I got with all the groceries!

Cookie baking

Aunt Ally is graduating!

Way to go Aunt Ally!

Sister Jack and her obstacle course

Everyone needs a chin scratch

My cowboy (in hat and "bandana") and my big cowgirl

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