Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!

Loving grandma's mac & cheese

Playing chase in circles

Gonna catch her!

Sit down and giggle break

Checking out the outside world

So fun

Watching Toby

Yum, finger. And watching grandpa and his power tools

Putting up jewelry holders

So excited for her necklaces

Jack is already excited for power tools

Just like daddy

Yum! Messy food!

Addy's hair before....

Beautiful curls on the ground

Not too much gone...but later, it curled up so much it was only shoulder length!

Ready to use the steamer!

Two monkeys in a cage!

Baby arm....

There's the rest of him!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Love Adalyn and Jack

And the whole family's names. And yes, Bear and Maddyson are part of our immediate family now too!
Toby Gentry
Jack Gentry
Mom Gentry
Dad Gentry
Adalyn Gentry
Bear Gentry
Maddyson Gentry

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