Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thank you Neff Group!

A big thank you to Neff Engineering for adopting us as their Christmas family this year. The kids were so excited for all the goodies. Josh and I are excited for our goodies as well.  Thank you again for your generosity!

Josh's reaction video:

Car full of gifts

The tree looks so nice!

Everyone is excited!

It's a scooter!

Jack's turn

Drum Set!

Nail polish kit

Baby Phone!

Body wash!

Pie Face Game!

Colts hat!

Colts pants!

Jack's attempt at wearing daddy's hat...
Olaf blanket!

Colts blanket!

Toy plane!

 Jack's reaction to the plane:

Olaf chair!

All the wonderful toys!

Riding the plane...backwards ;)

Family pictures

Jack is un-cleaning up!

Trying out the scooter!

 Thanks again to everyone at Neff!!

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