Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer Shenanigans

Special breakfast with my big girl and her Mickey pancake

She insisted on being photographed with this dog

Batman! sunglasses

Cool guy...

Sister/brother love
The closest he would get to the scary lion

But he was all up in the sea lions!

Shark attack!

Log ride selfie

The captains of the boat

Baby orangutan getting into trouble  
Addy's ride

Walking through the zoo

More babies!
Aunt Sarah's foot in the middle...closer to Addy's size than a normal woman foot

Jack found some pretty shoes

1st Day of School!

Addy and her brothers

My kitty girl and puppy boy

And he's dressing himself

Making (and tasting) homemade ice cream

Decorating grandpa's birthday cake

Someone has been sampling the frosting...

Chicken birthday dinner

Birthday crowns for the birthday boys!

Yummy dessert

Big boy cup

Huge spoon needed for ice cream

Frosting gloves


Playing with Steven

First day of Lovable Lions

Someone stole the picture...and the little boy is not happy about it!

All of them needed to be in the picture again

Donut day with my favorite little man

Big boy walking Toby ( in the vet's office)

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