Thursday, September 29, 2011

September Update

School Pics

Coloring her camera....her camera did not come home with much coloring on it, but the table sure looks like it got some decorating!

Addy and her boyfriend!

Pushing a stroller, of course.

Hmm, is she eating or painting with this pudding?

Sorting the markers

Let me in-I wanna see!!

Wow, so many accomplishments for Addy lately, how can I name all of them?! Let's see, she is learning to kick a ball which she loves. She can put things in the recycling or trash can and she is getting pretty good at pouring things from one container to another. She is also good at getting all kinds of scrapes and bruises.

She's even been going for bike rides with us a lot this week:

She's also starting to imitate words better, though the imitation sometimes only lasts about a day. Words she's said lately: baby, no way, eye, banana, cookie, none, ball, bye-bye, nigh night, Grrr (sound a bear makes), Addy, fish, ice, and new words everyday!

Corn maze with Little Lambs!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

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