Friday, October 14, 2011

October Update

Well, after a very eventful week, we have survived. We've had an entire round of sickness through everyone (including Toby). We had Grandma and Grandpa Badenhop and Aunt Sarah visit. We have missed school and work for different things and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We've grown some teeth, said more words, thrown some tantrums-and that was just daddy! hehe, just kidding! We had a Parents as Teachers meeting, and Addy is right on track with all her development. She has a very good vocabulary (as we all knew ;) and her motor skills are right on track. Go Addy!

Some funny things Addy has said/imitated lately: "I did it", "I don't want to", in response to do you want a cracker?-"cookie!"

School Pics

"I will lift this car!"

Helping Grandma shoe shop :)

St. Louis Zoo-
Riding the carousel for the first time


Riding the train

Petting the Goats

Walking with Aunt Sarah and Grandpa

Playing on my scooter with Aunt Sarah!

Just watching TV!

Delicious spoonful of....cream cheese.

Playing with Daddy and giggling:

Just being her cute self!

Swinging with Elmo

Mom and Dad's new Kitchen-in case anyone is interested!

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