Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hot Hot Hot Part 3 - The End of Summer

St. Louis Zoo
Cooking food for the animals

Addy, Emma and the boys at the zoo (it was very sunny!)

Playing with the orangutan
Walking on the highway

Hugging the exit

with mommy

with daddy

playing under the bridge- UP


The family becomes famous :)

Rascals Baseball Game-Good Job in the Reading Program Addy!
She LOVES dressed up characters

Fredbird!  High Fives!

Playing copycat :P

Playing with our t-shirt freebies
Visiting Aunt Sarah and Kitty
Playing in the cat toy

Professionalism Ceremony

All the stuff I got from Creighton that I didn't bring with me....
Visiting Omaha

Josh in a teepee
Visiting STL with my cousin

Toledo Zoo

Orangutan's playing in the pool

Addy's on TV-and loving it!

Sitting on a turtle

Climbing in the honeycomb

and on a spiderweb

Petting the guinea pig (this guinea pig's friend's name was Linny!)

In a nest while...

Ben is escaping from the egg


Madhu's Sangeet and Wedding

Beautiful Wedding!  So much fun!


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