Friday, August 31, 2012

School has Started!

Frosty the Snowman:
Hat Day
First Day of School

I don't want to wear socks with my shoes!!!

Chocolate cake-socks are no longer important!
Reading her biology lesson
Festival of the Little Hills
Eating daddy's chocolate ice cream

Enjoying mommy's ice cream sandwich
Playing Dress Up

Addy's version of Basketball...

Taking Daddy to the Zoo Day
Posing Prairie Dog

Sea Lions!

This kangaroo was NOT happy we were here

Joey in his mommy's pouch!

Lots of lions


See the lion in the tree?

Sea Lion Show

The duck came to have lunch with us

Riding the train with daddy
Riding around the mall


Loving her new princess shoes
Daddy's new office!  It's finally clean!

School Pics!  Addy loves school this year, at least when it is involving NOT wearing her socks with her shoes.  Her teacher says she is big into participating in things, sings with the group (and sings all the songs at home too) and really likes school!  She is also quite the social butterfly, telling everyone goodbye when she leaves: her friends, teachers, other parents there to pick up their kids... :)

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