Friday, September 7, 2012

More Dress up!

In case you don't have facebook and missed it:

Where are kids returned? Mine is broken and I need to return her. I have 6 good reasons too!
1) She still doesn't wear socks with her shoes. And now she wears one shoe until her teacher tells her to put on her other one.
2) She refuses to wear her pajama pants. Instead she puts them on her head and says "I'm wearing my Christmas hat."
3) She picks out socks for me to wear, puts them on me, the

n picks out my shoes. Black seude high heels. With athletic pants and a tshirt. And did I mention those were regular white socks?
4) She has one book she can read. And she insists on reading it backwards, and she actually can do it. It's Frosty the snowman. Today it was 90 degrees outside.
5) She knows some of the words to "Call Me Maybe" and likes to sing it and stares at the radio singing it, thinking they will play it.
6) Daddy has gotten her hooked on Reece's Puffs Cereal. She hand picks out the chocolate balls, then eats the peanut butter ones. Who does that?!
See? Broken. :)

Here's Addy's Christmas hat, and her one "Princess Dancing Shoe"
Dress Up Time!

School Time
Loving the trains

Paying close attention!

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