Monday, September 24, 2012

Enjoying Fall

What a crazy week (hence the late post). We had a "sick" baby who had/has pinkeye, but the antibacterial drops didn't seem to clear it up, which I thought the whole time. I think she just has a little bit of an allergy to something, cause everyone's been just a tad stuffed up. So she had to stay home from school Tuesday, and daddy was gone for a few days, so now mommy is behind on her school stuff. But other than that, we are doing good :) Today we started getting the siding put on our house, so it is now a confused looking house. Hopefully I can get pics of that tomorrow. Anyway-enjoy today's pictures!
Our neighborhood Fall Fest

Sitting on the fireman seat!

Enjoying her first real bouncy house (castle) experience

The clown made her an elephant, which is what she asked for!

Big girl on the playground

She's a pro at this stuff!

Did I mention she loved the bouncy castle?  Even with big kids knocking her down occasionally?

More diva style

Hold tight to Daddy's arm-while he's trying to do something else :)

And more style (she wore this skirt for 4 days straight)

Playing in uncooked rice-a new-ish favorite activity

The little momma helped diaper her monkey!

 And here she had to read him a story and show the pictures!


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