Monday, October 8, 2012

Daddy's Birthday!

So have I mentioned that our life has been crazy?! We have just finished throwing 2 different dessert parties within a week at our house, I had my first internship experience at Walgreens, have had the outside of our house completely redone, I have 5 tests in 3 weeks, plus birthday parties, house parties, etc. Whew...I'm glad fall break is starting at the end of the week! We've had a blast though-check out a little bit from our adventures.
Toby helping daddy celebrate Hawaiian day at work

Addy was helping too

Addy loves the buckeyes we made!

And she saw Big Bird at Toys R Us and just had to hang out with him.  Big Bird was helping her drive :)

Her favorite thing at her friend's birthday party-the BIG SLIDE

Climbing up all by herself

Guess who taught her this one....daddy....

I was so proud-she picked this outfit out all by herself-and it MATCHED!

Helping to open daddy's birthday present

She picked out dinosaurs for daddy for his birthday-and then she told him multiple times before he actually opened them.  We will have to work on secret keeping ;)

Playing with "daddy's" present
School Time

She loves her stickers

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