Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Festivities

"The letters are sleeping." (and Go Cards!)
Little Lambs Pumpkin Patch
Riding a tractor with Grandpa

Horsey Swing!

Climbing the straw bale castle

We made it!

Jumping on the bouncy straw


Steering the ship

We did it!

Addy and her friend Ella

Family Pic!

Hay ride

Down the slide

Top of the slide!

Sliding down with Ella

"Giddy up!"

Corn Maze!
School Pics

Putting the elephants in Noah's Ark

Umm....I don't know.

I'm shocked she let her teacher paint her knuckles... make this! So cute!

Hanging on things, her newest favorite activity
The transformation of our's finally done!
Siding is coming down

Half and half house

Siding is up, but the painting and shutters aren't done yet

Almost there

New roof, siding, shutters, gutters, screens, fresh paint and trimmed bushes-Done!

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