Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Addy!

"Mommy, take a picture of me!"
For her half birthday, she wanted a candle.  And ice cream.  So here's her purple candle in pumpkin chocolate chip bread.

Dipping Cheetos in cottage cheese

Her very first homework assignment.  She told me what to write, then colored it.  Then she helped rewrite everything in glitter glue.  And then she cut out almost all of it (while I moved the paper, she operated the scissors).

Half birthday present!

A new backpack!

With Elmo on it!

And here's the ice cream :)

Helping mommy plant the mums

Digging in the dirt

Go Tigers!

Painting Pumpkins-Addy chose this over carving this year.

Painting her pumpkin blue-the only thing she's wanted to do for 2 weeks is paint it blue.

the backs

and the fronts of our pumpkins!
School Pics
Poor doll

Ring around the Rosie-Addy got a bump on her eye playing this...every game is dangerous! hahaha!

Not sure if she actually touched the pumpkin this year.  She claims she did...

Squishing paint - she told me about this for awhile

More Mr. Pumpkin Head

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