Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Addy and Daddy Week

While mommy spent a fun-filled week in Omaha learning how to give injections and make chocolate syrup, Addy and Daddy spent the week having fun. Daddy was the favorite parent when mommy was gone, but that didn't last long after mommy came home.
Everyone needs to learn how to play cards at some point right? We played WAR.

Addy calls spades "black hearts" and clubs are "clovers". She wants to learn craps next.

We took a trip to the magic house. They had a cool construction exhibit where we got our hands dirty.

Addy dumped foam bricks down the yellow "garbage" chute for close to 30 minutes. Daddy used a pulley system to get them up to her.

Through the sewer pipe we go.

She really enjoyed plumbing. 

By the end of it she had learned the main principles of plumbing: Poopoo flows downhill, the boss hates you, and you get paid on Friday.


This tool belt is a little big. She refused to wear a hard hat or fluorescent orange vest. 

Cooking pizza and wearing an apron.

Serving pizza.

We took care of some babies. Daddy made Addy hold the dolls properly for future reference.

"hmmm, do they have chunky monkey in here?"

She tried to make a 7-scoop cone but it came crashing down.

She told me the rotors were worn out and the alignment needed to be adjusted.

Can't remember why she wanted to put mommy's underwear on her head....

Here's a glimpse at the baby "Go Cardinals!" birds in the nest near our window.

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