Friday, August 16, 2013

Vacation Number One-Southwestern Missouri

Well, I'm back!  We've had a busy summer, from multiple vacations, pharmacy school activities, a job layoff and house projects!  But now it's back to work and school for everyone...but here's a few blog posts from our fun summer.  First up is our vacation from the end of June, a road trip through southwestern Missouri.
But first a stop at Krispy Kreme - watching those delicious doughnuts!
Day 1-Purina Farms
Petting the baby pigs

and the bunny

Loved the plaster animals

back to the piggy

and now there was a weird looking chicken

we LOVED the corn tables with tractors

and the riding tractors

playing in the hay-Addy wasn't really a fan

but we loved the wagon ride around the farm

finished off with a BK ice cream cone (this was the kid size...)

And we found a new friend for Addy -her new sock monkey Hudson!
Day 2 - Branson, MO
Here comes the train

playing with the fountain

On the train in the upper deck

we are just a "little" excited!

It's dark in the tunnels

Smile Mommy!

Here comes the tunnel

"Mommy, I want to take a picture"

On the bride in Arkansas

Enjoying the outlet malls

Beautiful fountain/light display to music

Day 3-Lamberts - Home of the "Throwed" Rolls
Addy liked her child-size milk...

And catching the throwed rolls

But her favorite part of the trip-napping in the hotel room
Day 4-Swimming at her first beach

And my favorite town name of the trip- Humanville

Then a stop at Bass Pro-the original

Can you hear her? Vroom, Vroom
Day 5 - Heading Home, but first the Wild Animal Safari tour

Can you find the baby?

And the pregnant momma

Again, Mommy Smile!

My favorite picture-look at those eyes!

and Josh fed it!

Feed me!

Camel knew what to do

Addy loved the green animals coming out of the hot springs

Back at the zoo like enclosures

I just wanted to cuddle this bear

Addy liked feeding these guys-they ate fruit loops at the end of a tube

And a real life Liger!! but he wouldn't come out-it was pretty hot outside

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