Friday, August 16, 2013

Fourth of July

Behind the Scenes tour of the World Aquarium in St. Louis
Petting the turtles (esp. Turtle Tuck)

Pedro, the female bird ;)

we petted this Chinchilla -so sweet and soft

Hanging with an armadillo - I was not expecting him to be so hairy

She would touch the snake, but didn't want to hold it.  Daddy wasn't coming near it ;)

Loved feeding the tortoises!

Feeding the sloth bananas

4th of July with the Neighbors


The dads are ready

The kids loved the colorful smoke bombs

Sparklers are fun

Addy loved the "magic wands"

The final damage

The cleanup crew
4th of July Parade
Must start with a Grandma's chocolate Chip cookie-best cookie ever

High five from the Armadillo!

Loud trucks

We like the grinch

Loving fireworks this year


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