Monday, September 23, 2013


Time for a Cards Game!!
At the toddler play place before the game

Sliding down the pitcher's mound

We taught her Charge!

We are still doing it 10 times a day minimum...

"I want to take a picture of daddy!"

Addy/Mommy selfie!

"I want to take a picture of Mommy!"

Addy's loving it!

Our awesome seats

Kids run the bases-all Addy wanted to do was see Fredbird

Starting at First

Rounding second on the way to third

Coming into home
Home Plate! But no Fredbird, so she was disappointed :(

Here's the animals we bring down after every nap and take back to her bed every day....

Toby is finally going to work to earn his keep

School Pics

The 8th graders were launching their rockets

It was a whole school affair

Addy loved it (or so she said)

Practicing her writing

Dancing to the calendar song

Waiting patiently!

Aiden's birthday snack-this is something I heard all about!

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