Saturday, October 5, 2013

Apples and Pumpkins

I leave daddy in charge for naptime, and this is how she sleeps...

Time for her Princess Party!

Helping me put away dishes

But it was sunny....

Our works of art

After bath was the perfect time to look outside
 Apple Picking Day
Excited to get on the wagon with her bag

Here we go!

Taste great!

They said "Eat as many as you want"

Even Addy ate 2!

And she found her pumpkin

She really liked the big ones

Riding on the train

Hanging out with Jilly the Silly Clown

Driving the train

and of course constantly ringing the bell

and the bounce house

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Helping daddy open the present she picked and wrapped

She picked the Mickey Mouse theme

And wrote this almost completely by herself!!!
 Pumpkin Patch with Little Lambs
Horsey Swing

She wasn't a fan of the "zip line"

This one is just for Grandpa B.

Tight Rope walking

And walking on the swinging beams

Driving the pirate ship

Hanging with all her friends!
School Pics

Reptiles hatching from eggs

Feeling "amphibian" skin

Reptile footprints

Checking out the frogs

Painting with an egg

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