Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Addy's Birthday Fiesta!

4 days of Birthday celebration for the 4 year old!

First up-Happy Paw Patrol Birthday Party!

Grandma's cleaning the water table with helpers


The older boys have to work first ;)


Game time

Pin the Badge on Marshall

Cover eyes

Promptly get upset about the game

We will let Aunt Maddi show us how to do the game

No, we just want to put them where we want

Place mat coloring


Easter Egg dyeing

Noisy poppers

Finished products

Present Time!

Addy is 4!

Princess Elsa dress

The whole gang is together!

Cake Time

Easter Sunday Celebrations
Easter Bunny time!

Ben got a robot!

And a big balloon

Easter Egg Hunt

Toby found his egg!

Big hug for Ben

Someone wanted to play and not take pictures

Our little queen

Our prince ;)

Addy likes to write her name upside down sometimes
Day 3-Addy's actual birthday!
A little morning playtime


Yep-cake for breakfast

Her favorite dwarf-Grumpy

We spent the day at the Magic House



Doing construction



Fitting pipes?

Auto repair

Serving ice cream

and Pizza


Fixing race cars

Meeting the Easter Bunny

Racing daddy in an egg-on-a-spoon race

Egg golfing


and sliding

Who is this?!

A hair-rasing experience!

After a hard day's work, we needed some of Addy's favorite restaurant

A few days later, Aunt Kakey sent air bubbles!!!

Oh, and some Frozen stuff

Puzzles :)
Day 4-Celebrated at School, but I think that's been enough pictures for this post ;)

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