Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hello Again!

Here's some pictures from my camera from the past 3 months-everything except Addy's birthday which will come next :)

Grandparent's Day at Addy's School

Relaxing in the tent

Cuddle Time

I wonder who put my shoe there...

Who is ready for their first fishing trip? (complete w/Bass Pro hat)

This little girl was so excited

Even though they didn't catch anything

Building rockets with daddy

Baby announcement!

Josh is grilling the "hard boiled" eggs in mini muffin tins

Addy is excited for her party!

Making the ice bath for the eggs

Go Tigers!

Go Cards!


Bye bye car :(

Addy pic

Go Cards!

Another Addy pic-she's getting better!

Addy caught herself...

"Look, my chin is really long!

Go Tigers!

Dressing up as Elsa from Frozen

Eating breakfast like a queen

And the only way to go to garage sales!

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