Thursday, June 10, 2010

7 Weeks Old

We had a blast with everyone while they were out here for Addy's Baptism. She had her baptism, first bbq, first trip to the zoo, and all kinds of fun hanging out with everyone.

Tuesday was then a little bit of a problem for mommy, because Addy no longer wanted to be put in a seat to sleep, she had to be held all day! Thankfully that only lasted the one day!

Yesterday, we went to the mall for a walk in the air conditioning. Then we went to the doctor, where once again she "lost" weight. According to my scale at home, she gained weight in that same time period. I really think that last weigh-in was wrong, making this one look bad. We will keep working on it-at least she looks healthy, is EXTREMELY active, and seems very happy. She hasn't even been that fussy the past few nights. After the doctor, we went and had lunch with daddy and met his boss.

Last night, just before daddy got home, Addy was pooping in her diaper after her meal. I waited until she had stopped and started crying before I started to change her diaper. Just as I was putting on a new diaper, all of a sudden, she started pooping again! So I got that cleaned up, got the clean diaper under her and was bringing it up around the front when she started peeing all over! Just then daddy walked in, so he helped us finish up. Then she peed all over daddy this morning, so he got it too!

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