Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy 2 Month Birthday!

Addy is 2 months old today! So much has changed since last month :) Addy's new, very light blonde hair is growing in. It's really short right now, but you can really see it in the sunlight. Her acne is almost gone, just a few little red bumps left on her cheeks yet. Her bright eyes are always studying her surroundings when she's awake, especially anything that is bright, like lamps and chandeliers. She has grown out of most of her "newborn" size clothes and is wearing 0-3 month clothes, as well as a few 3-6 month pieces. Her toenails are filling in, so they aren't so pointy, but we still don't have to trim them yet. She is sleeping well at night, from about 10pm-9am, with feeding breaks at midnight and 6:30am (approx!). The naps during the day are becoming very short, so we are working on a schedule so that she can sleep longer, so mommy can get some break time!

Today we went to the doctor for her 2 mo. checkup. Addy now weighs 9lbs. 14oz., so she has gained 2 weeks in a row now--it's looking very good! Otherwise she is very healthy, smiling a lot, both when daddy asks her to and randomly at her toys, although she has not been smiling at all today after all her shots :( She is also holding her head up really well for a 2 mo. old, and is very active as far as kicking her legs and stretching her arms. She has just started squealing and cooing, so we are looking forward to much more of that in the weeks to come!

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