Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Weight Check

Addy is definitely starting to be awake more and more. She likes to be up from about 8am to early afternoon with a little half hour nap somewhere in there. She takes a long afternoon nap, and then is up until fussy time around nine. Once we can get her to sleep, she is asleep until 8 am, with a late feeding around midnight and a morning feeding around 5:30.

She smiles a little more everyday. She is also using her hands more-she is starting to chew on her fingers a little, especially when she is hungry or wants her pacifier. She is holding her head up really well and notices things more now.

We went in for a weight check today. She's gained 2oz in 6 days, so not quite as much as we want, but at least she's gaining! We'll see how she does next week at her 2 month checkup!

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