Friday, February 1, 2013

Christmas with the Grandparents

With the Badenhops
Juan opening his carefully wrapped wine

Addy using tongs for the use they were intended for

Baby is sleepy!

More tong use

A little too much Christmas...

Riding a stuffed animal "Rudolph" made everything better

"I don't like the snow!" (but then she didn't want to come in either)
Our family of snowmen-a Mommy, Addy, and Daddy snowman

Enjoying new and old toys

We had to open a few presents later, since Addy didn't finish "Christmas" night
And with the Gentrys - almost a month later, but no less fun!!

Time for dancing

Everyone is dancing!

New clothes!

Uncle Jon likes his presents!


Aunt Peppy likes her present from Addy

Ben does too

Hand prints for Grandma!

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